River Navigation

The Interstate Bridge with a ship passing under while a truck and car are driving across the bridge.

A Navigation Impact Report (NIR) is a required element of a bridge permit application to the United States Coast Guard and is an important step in the Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR) program. A bridge permit is required when a new bridge is constructed or an existing bridge is reconstructed or modified over a navigable waterway in the United States. The Columbia River, including both the main channel and the Oregon Slough (also known as North Portland Harbor), is considered a navigable waterway. To determine navigational needs at the bridge location, we need information from waterway users.

If you operate a recreational or commercial vessel on the Columbia River and transit under the Interstate Bridge, please take our survey. 

Water User Survey

A prior planning effort, known as the Columbia River Crossing (CRC), included extensive outreach to waterway users and preparation of a NIR in 2012. The program team will reach out to each entity that previously provided data to verify or update their vessel information. The updated data and survey responses will help the program team understand vessel characteristics and frequency of navigation at the bridge location. 

The status of the NIR and additional opportunities to comment will be posted here when available.

Questions about the NIR or bridge permit process? Contact the program team at: rivernav@interstatebridge.org