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River Crossing Visualizations 

View of a double-level bridge design that spans the water

New River Crossing Visualizations - Viewpoints

New images have been developed to help the community visualize a replacement bridge and nearby elements. The images show each of the bridge configurations (single-level, double-level, and moveable span) being analyzed in Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) from different viewpoints close to the proposed structure or while traveling on the shared use paths* in these areas. The images include one example bridge type for each of the bridge configurations: extradosed bridge for single-level, truss bridge for double-level, and girder bridge for a moveable span. They do not represent a complete range of bridge types being considered. No decision has been made on the bridge type or configuration at this time.

When the Draft SEIS is published, it will provide an understanding of the various impacts associated with the three bridge configurations. The community will have an opportunity to review and provide feedback during the 60-day public comment period after the release. Community feedback is an important consideration that will help identify a bridge configuration to be included in the Final SEIS and federal Record of Decision (ROD). Piers, rails, and other elements will be finalized in the design phase of the program following publication of the ROD.

*Shared use paths: Active transportation facilities and pathways for non-motorized travel including walking, biking, and rolling.

River Crossing Visualizations - Bridge Types

The images below were created to help visualize what a proposed replacement bridge could look like. The visualizations show five different bridge types based upon the three configurations currently being analyzed in the environmental review process (single-level fixed-span, double-level fixed-span, and single-level movable-span bridge configurations). 


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