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Interstate 5 provides a critical connection between Oregon and Washington that supports local jobs and families, and is a vital trade route for regional, national and international economies. Beyond the concrete and steel of the existing bridge is a thriving background of scenic views, natural systems, and a rich history of our region’s national heritage.

We understand the vital link the bridge plays in connecting the region and the importance of the natural environment and health of our community. We are committed to finding a solution that will improve our transportation system, now and in the future.

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Interstate Bridge
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Centering Equity

The Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR) program is committed to centering equity in our processes and our outcomes. We are engaging  communities and elevating the voices of equity priority communities throughout our processes and ensuring these communities receive the program’s economic and transportation benefits. We also commit to not furthering harm to these communities.

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Myth vs. Fact

Myth: A replacement bridge has already been designed.

While the program is utilizing past work to inform the current effort, the details of a bridge replacement solution have not been determined. Given the variety of changes that have occurred since the past project, we know that new design options need to be considered. Upcoming program work to identify a multimodal solution that meets community needs and priorities includes working with local agencies and the community to look at design options such as high capacity transit options, interchange improvements, urban design, interchanges, travel lanes, bridge height and type, and multiuse path facilities and connections.

Myth: A third bridge would eliminate the need to replace the Interstate Bridge.

While the discussion of a third bridge is an important conversation for the region to have, it does not address the problems on I-5 associated with the Interstate Bridge. This includes limited reliability of multimodal options across the river, its risk for collapse in a major earthquake, and the safety issues associated with inadequate interchanges, narrow lanes, limited sight distance, lack of safety shoulders, and bridge lifts, all of which contribute to an increase in congestion and vehicle crashes.

Myth: Light rail transit has already been decided.

Light rail is just one form of public transit being considered for transit across a replacement bridge. Bus rapid transit and other options are also being considered as part of the program. The IBR program is working to collect and analyze transit data that will be shared with agency partners, stakeholders and advisory groups to identify which transit options provide the greatest benefit to our region.

Myth: A tunnel can solve the Interstate Bridge transportation problems just as easily as a bridge.

A tunnel cannot be feasibly built within the footprint of I-5 without eliminating important connections to Hayden Island, downtown Vancouver, and SR-14. It also comes with significantly more operational, environmental and historical resource impacts, and would cost more than a replacement bridge.

For more information about the suitability of an immersed tube tunnel, view the Tunnel Concept Assessment.

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