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A compilation of program related documents and materials are provided for reference.

IBR Recommended Modified LPA

The Modified Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) is a foundation for what to study in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. The program acknowledges that additional work and analyses beyond what is reflected in the Modified LPA will be necessary as the program moves forward. Information about the Modified LPA can be found in the documents listed below.

The Modified Locally Preferred Alternative was endorsed by all eight local partner agencies in summer 2022. As part of the endorsement process, the program received 175 conditions reflecting partner priorities and requests for additional work. The majority of agency conditions were in alignment with others received and many were already included in program plans for upcoming work. The initial responses sent to each agency identifying how these conditions are being incorporated into current program plans are linked below. Conversations have been ongoing with partner agencies to better understand their requests and identify how the remaining conditions that require more consideration will be addressed.

Responses to Conditions

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