Accountability Dashboard

Accountability Dashboard

Listening, learning, and reporting back to our community. 


Accountability Dashboard  

This accountability dashboard is a voluntary transparency tool that provides quarterly updates on our engagement with the community. Biannual updates related to financial and contracting metrics can be found under the Reporting tab. 


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An Updated cost estimate include the base cost + project risks + inflation. The sum of the three equal an updated cost estimate.

What is Included

Modified Locally Preferred Alternative Components:

  • Replacement bridge over the Columbia River
  • Replacement of the North Portland Harbor Bridge
  • One auxiliary lane southbound and northbound
  • Extension of light rail from Portland to Vancouver and three new station locations
  • Partial interchange on Hayden Island
  • Full interchange on Marine Drive
  • Access bridge from Hayden Island to Marine Drive

Cost Estimate Update

A new cost estimate has been developed and reflects the current, endorsed Modified LPA components and current market conditions. It also accounts for potential risks and opportunities, and expenditures for construction of the replacement bridge and facilities, occurring between 2025-2035. The new cost estimate range is $5 - $7.5 billion. Risks in the cost estimation process can be associated with unexpected cost escalation of materials or labor, inflation, schedule delays, and unplanned events or findings during construction. National and regional construction projects have seen unprecedented cost increases due to the effects of unanticipated construction interruptions, highly competitive and saturated market conditions, labor shortages, and historically high inflation rates. The Financial Plan will include additional details on estimated costs, funding sources and the finance approach.

For more information, view our Cost Estimate Update factsheet

Community Advisory Group Highlights

  • CAG members learned about partner conditions regarding the IBR Modified LPA and reviewed proposed program improvements that will be evaluated through the NEPA environmental evaluation process.

Equity Advisory Group Highlights

  • EAG members discussed how the IBR program will measure success related to established equity objectives and shared recommendations regarding key performance indicators. 

Bridge Stories

What’s your story?

We want to hear your experience using the bridge, what the bridge means to you and the benefits a replacement bridge could provide.

Send your story to |  View more bridge stories.

What we've heard and how we're responding

We've heard the community values low-barrier engagement options and the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with the program. 

We've heard the community is interested in learning more about how the program will impact them.

We’ve heard social media is one of the preferred ways our community would like to be engaged.


Updated through May 2022. June - December 2022 update is in process and will be updated soon. Contracting and expenditure data takes longer to receive and compile and may not be available until months after the reported timeframe. The program will continue to share accountability reports and develop additional reporting metrics. The most recent accountability reports includes the 2022 Legislative Progress Report and 2021 Community Engagement Reports. The 2020 Conceptual Finance Plan provides an early and high-level overview of initial estimated funding and financing needs and potential sources.

Current reports are listed to the right. For more information, visit our library. 

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Disadvantaged Business Participation Goals

Through Dec 2022*

Current Funding Sources

* An additional $1 billion is dedicated through the Move Ahead WA transportation package for future work to complete construction.

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Expenditures Through December 2022*

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Expenditures Through December 2022*

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