IBR Public Events

IBR Office Hours (Virtual)

Saturday, June 22, 2024 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM




Do you have questions and want to speak to a real person? We answer questions on a range of topics, including design, equity, Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprise opportunities, community engagement, financial plans, and much more! Join us for IBR office hours, virtually or in-person , and get your questions answered!
NOTE: No new technical data will be available until the release of the environmental documentation this spring.

Please make a 30-minute reservation at least 24 hours in advance. There are 3 ways you can make a reservation:

Visit: SignUpGenius
Email: info@interstatebridge.org
Call: 888-503-6735

Please provide your contact information what you would like to talk about. We will confirm your appointment and provide meeting details upon confirmation.

See you there!

Guidelines for Office Hours

The IBR program is committed to providing opportunities for comprehensive and equitable community engagement and reducing the barriers to participation. With that in mind, the IBR program is pleased to offer office hours for community members to meet with the program team to ask questions and share their feedback. There are limited appointment times for our office hours. These office hours make staff available to members of the public to provide information and collect comments from the public. Office hours are just one of many different ways the IBR program engages with the community, offering different times of day as well as virtual or in-person meeting options to promote accessibility. 

Members of the media are encouraged to direct their questions and comments to our Public Information Officer, Kelliann Amico, at media@interstatebridge.org


Space is limited, so please schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance of the desired time. We will make every effort to accommodate each request but cannot guarantee availability for each appointment slot requested. In confirming these appointments, the program will take into consideration factors including but not limited to, priority for equity priority communities, when someone scheduled their appointment, and if the team has met with that person before. Participants will be limited to one office hours appointment per quarter, and appointments must address new questions that were not discussed during previous appointments. You will receive a follow-up email confirming your appointment, or offering other times we are available to meet with you if the original timeslot requested is unavailable. 

Preparing for your appointment

There are a number of topics you may want to discuss with our team. We ask that you provide us with the questions you plan to ask so we can ensure we have responses ready for your appointment. If you do not provide us with your questions in advance, your appointment will include general updates from Community Engagement staff. If the appropriate technical staff are unavailable, we can provide you with a written answer to your question(s). PLEASE NOTE: The only information available during Office Hours will be what has been publicly shared, and no new technical data will be available until the release of the environmental documentation this spring. You will also be provided with meeting details and the name of the staff you should expect to meet the day before your appointment. Please take note in your appointment confirmation of the email addresses and numbers to call if you are experiencing technical difficulties. 

Shared Agreements

The following agreements have been put in place in order to ensure productive and respectful appointments. IBR staff adheres to the following agreed social norms for each session.  When signing up for an appointment, you consent to follow these norms as well.  

  • Notice power dynamics in the room 
  • Create a space for multiple truths & social norms 
  • Be kind 
  • Refrain from interrupting and respect each other's time 
  • Look for learning 
  • We are here to provide information and listen to feedback, not to debate 
  • Anyone being unsafe or making others feel unsafe will be asked to leave or be removed from the appointment 
  • Insults and hateful language will not be tolerated and will immediately end the appointment 

Repeated inappropriate behaviors may result in being excluded from future office hours appointments.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at