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Listening Session: Chinese Community

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM



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“IBR 致力于以公平为中心的进行整个项目过程以及结果。呼吁平权的一系列语音会议旨在帮助获取相关社区的意见。中文语音会议旨在收集历史上被排除在外的社区成员在大型交通项目和项目的见解。工作人员将提供项目概述,社区成员可以分享他们目前在跨州际大桥或项目区域内通行的经验和观点。我们将提供 35 美元的礼品卡为那些使用州际大桥居住或通行但英语能力有限的中文社区成员。空间有限,因此我们将优先考虑中文社区发言成员。”

The Interstate Bridge Replacement Program is committed to centering equity throughout our process as well as our outcomes. The Elevating Equity series of listening sessions are to help hear from communities of concern. The goal of the Chinese Community Listening Session is to gather insights from community members who have been historically excluded from big transportation programs and projects. A program overview will be provided, and community members can share their current experience and perspective on traveling across the Interstate Bridge or within the program area. We will provide 35-dollar gift cards to those who attend the meeting from the Chinese community that live or travel in the greater program area. Space is limited, so we will prioritize people from the Chinese community.

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